No pension age increase is imminent in Greece, confirms deputy minister

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Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Security Panos Tsakloglou, in an interview with Mega TV on Sunday, reassured audiences that there will be no change in the minimum retirement age for the next three years.

As he noted, the law setting the minimum age for a state pension dates back to 2010 and links retirement age limits with life expectancy, while this process is reviewed every three years.

"Obviously, no one can know what will happen in 2027," said Tsakloglou.

Asked about the increase in pensions in 2024, the labour minister replied that the increase in pensions is estimated to be close to 3%, but every time the final data comes out, there will be an adjustment in relation to the increase of the previous year.

Marinakis: Our intention is to implement policies that increase the income of citizens

Asked about Greek-Turkish relations, government spokesperson Pavlos Marinakis on Monday said the following: "Greece, now stronger than ever, wants to protect this dialogue process. But it comes to the dialogue without the slightest intention of surrendering any of its sovereign rights. This is non-negotiable. The prime minister has pointed it out and this will not change in the slightest. It is a exercise with two parties that is judged daily."

Asked how the government sees the fact that PASOK is now the second-highest party in opinion polls, the government spokesperson said that the polls are an important tool, they capture the picture of the moment.

"It is important that confidence in the government is reflected. We are not complacent. Our duty is to provide more and more solutions. Beyond this, we observe an opinion poll change in the second place. This does not affect our policy. It is important for us to be as efficient as possible."

On economic issues, he said that the prime minister's general principle is to try to have more and more reduced taxes. "Our programme will be fully implemented in all its parts. We don't give everyone everything. Greece is a champion in the rate of debt reduction in terms of GDP. Our intention is to implement policies that directly or indirectly increase the income of citizens."

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