"Shani Louk was in Greece 3 days before she was murdered by Hamas," says her father

Shani Louk

The father of 22-year-old German-Israeli Shani Louk, who was kidnapped during the Hamas attack on the music festival she was attending and was finally found dead a few days later, spoke on an ERT broadcast.

Shani Louk was seen in the footage, shortly after the attack, to be in the back of a van of the terrorists, who were driving her half-naked with severe signs of abuse on her body. As the president of Israel announced, Shani was found decapitated.

He explained that they called her when they found out what was happening and she said she was fine. They then got into a car and drove to Tel Aviv and on their way, they were stopped by terrorists, who shot at her.

As Shani's father revealed, she was in Greece three days before her murder, while he noted that no one wants war, and the whole planet wants to stop it.

In speaking to the broadcaster, he said that his daughter went to the festival to have a good time but they killed her, adding that he learned about what happened to Shani through social media.

Nissim then said that they saw her alive in one video, but then in another video, they saw her being shot in the head. The medical examiners informed him that she had been shot in the head and killed at the festival.

She was kidnapped during the attack on the music festival

Hamas terrorists were filmed holding the unfortunate girl naked and with broken legs in a farm vehicle after the attack at a music festival on October 7. At the time, the young woman was identified by her tattoos, while the first reports said that she was dead with the terrorists and the crowd desecrating her corpse.

Her mother, Ricarda Louk, had recognised her in one of the videos. Still, she was hopeful, telling international media that she had information that her daughter was seriously injured and was in a hospital in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas terrorists kidnapped Shani Louk, murdered her and drove her lifeless body around in a truck as a trophy.

Shani Louk, who had German-Israeli citizenship, often visited her grandparents in Ravensburg in Baden-Württemberg.

Her mother, a Catholic who converted to Judaism, immigrated to Israel, following her Jewish husband.

She was one of the 8 German hostages.

The German-Israeli tattoo artist fell victim to the terrorists of the Palestinian Sunni organisation during the massacre at the Re'im music festival on October 7.

As the German newspaper "Bild" reports, Shani Louk is considered one of the eight German nationals who were captured during the war, according to the German authorities. Louk was accompanied by her boyfriend, a Mexican national, at the festival.

After the alarm went off and the Hamas attack began, Louk spoke to her mother on the phone, telling her that there were few places to hide and that she would try to find one. Then she disappeared...

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