"You can easily shoot at 1,500 metres" says one of Europe's best (Greek) snipers

greek sniper

With his face covered, one of the top snipers in Europe spoke on Stavros Theodorakis' show "Protagonists".

The man, who has distinguished himself abroad in international competitions from 25 countries in the first place, said he could make a shot at 1,500 meters.

“There is a pattern to your breathing. You can easily shoot at 1,500 meters. It always depends on the circumstances. The night effects. It can drop you at 800 to 1000 meters, but it's still a long distance to do your job."

Talking about the results of the competitions, our country took 4th place this year, while in the previous two years it was in first place and fourth place. "We have had some good results in Europe in the last two years. However, there is always room for improvement. Another element that a sniper must have is adaptability to everything. The goal isn't always what we're looking at. It can also be the information."

When asked if he loves his gun, he explained that it takes a lot of study and attention. He also admitted that the films that describe the life of snipers have a large part of authenticity.

As for how long a soldier can endure: “One can be a sniper as long as one can endure. It's not the eyes that betray you first. Your body and your psyche will give up on you first. Good physical condition is needed so you will last in the field for 10-15 years. What we want is always to achieve our goal."

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