Tesla buses in Greece?

Tesla bus

Elon Musk's company and himself may be at the forefront of criticism, but Tesla's operations are expanding!

Sometimes, because of the strange behaviour of its eccentric billionaire owner and sometimes because of the failures of some of its products, Tesla tends to develop into the most love-hate company on the planet!

On the other hand, there is no doubt that it is the driver of developments towards the electric future of the global automotive industry, as it is the primary goal of all its competitors.

In addition to its commercially successful passenger models, the American market is waiting for the much-discussed (not always with a positive sign) Cybertruck, while in the category of large trucks, the Semi has already established its presence.

Recently, discussions about the Tesla Bus, a project that has been developing since 2016 and for which new images and reports have brought it back to the centre of interest, have flared up.

Which gets even bigger if Tesla decides to get into the mass production game like the Chinese have for government transit buses.

Greece will change all its buses within the next five years. It will all be electric. Recently, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport agreed to the supply, in the first phase, of 250 electric buses until the spring of 2024.

How would you see - if this is produced in the next two years - we see Tesla buses doing the city routes? Why not.

Moreover, Greeks like Tesla, with almost 3000 cars sold in our country in the last three years...

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