Bild: "Bankrupt Germans sell your islands - Greeks fight back"


Under the title "Now the (ex-)bankrupt Greeks are fighting back - Sell YOUR islands, you broke Germans!," Bild - on the occasion of the current situation in Germany - "remembers" what they wrote in 2010 about our country, adding: "When the Greeks went bankrupt in 2010, there was no lack of our good advice: " Sell the islands, you bankrupt Greeks"!"

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In fact, the German newspaper hosts statements by Panagiotis Lafazanis, Minister of Environment and Energy under Alexis Tsipras, who counters and believes that "the German government should impose extraordinary taxes on both citizens and businesses to solve the problem" cause of the problems in the German budget.

Mr Lafazanis also predicts that: "This will cause a crisis in Germany, but otherwise, the money will not be collected. Another solution would be to sell public property such as islands to raise large sums quickly."

"If the Germans cannot control the situation, they will be forced to come under the troika's supervision. Then they will be forced to find solutions," continues the former minister, concluding: "Life is vindictive. Germany will now experience what it imposed on Greece. Germany threatens to lead Europe into a long-term crisis."

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