Merkel writes her story - In 2024 her memoirs about the crisis and Greece

Angela Merkel

She is the person we are waiting more than others to hear their testimony about the dramatic hours of the European economic crisis at the beginning of the last decade and her handling of the part concerned Greece.

The publishing house Kiepenheuer & Witsch promises an exclusive "historic" look at Angela Merkel's work. For the book's writing, Merkel has by her side the "eternal" director of her political office, Beate Baumann.

Especially, we in Greece can expect that our own aspect of the crisis will have its due in the book that will be released in the first half of 2024.

At an event in Dusseldorf, Merkel admitted that the most difficult moment in her 16 years in office was that she had to ask a lot from the Greeks. And in fact, as she had said, at a time when "unemployment in Greece was galloping, taxation was increasing, on the posters they presented me as the bad German."

It was an indirect self-criticism about her actions during the crisis. Should we expect more criticisms in the memoir?

She always made sure to remind the relevant debates in the German Parliament that there is no alternative but to bail out Greece. After all, the "systemic risk" was her permanent argument for the... permanent sceptics from her party (CDU/CSU).

July 2015 was also a critical moment when Greece was very close to exiting the euro - something proposed, albeit temporarily, by Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble.

A paradox we might find an explanation for in the book was the relationship she had developed with Alexis Tsipras despite their completely different ideological starting points.

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