Katerina Kladis Has A Passion For Fashion!

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Katerina Kladi was born in Chicago to Greek parents. Her father is from Zakynthos, and her mother is from Corinth. Now, she resides in Miami. She has come to Greece, for the first time in 10 years, solely for the “My Style Rocks” TV show in order to enter the Greek fashion scene. Katerina is a fashion consultant, primarily because she possesses a very rich wardrobe. She rents out her clothes to anyone who wants to make a special appearance. She has also worked on a fashion TV show as a reporter on a Florida channel. She describes herself as "bubbly" and strives to become a better person every passing day. She considers her style to be "unique," intense, and maximalist. She enjoys buying clothes from the smallest and most unknown stores to the largest boutiques worldwide. Katerina loves Greece so much for its multicultural ethnic background.

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Can you tell us about your journey in the fashion industry and how you came to establish your brand, Sugar Sequin Vintage?

 All my life I always had a passion for fashion, clothes, jewelry, and accessorizing, I was always putting together outfits and designing jewelry. I remember seeing the fashion segments on TV and thinking “That’s what I want to do” I just wanted a world with fashion where I could talk about fashion all day long. I studied Fashion Merchandising in college. After graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Merchandising and doing Visual Merchandising for a couple of years, I then started freelance fashion consulting, because I could never find the perfect fashion job for me, so that’s how I started Katerina Styles. Katerina Styles is a full-service fashion consulting agency providing fashion advice, choosing and styling outfits for clients' everyday lives, virtual styling, showcasing and renting designer clothing and accessories, styling magazine editorials, special events, and photo shoots. I opened my own vintage store online, Sugar Sequin Vintage at the same time. I style and handpick special finds and vintage pieces, and specialize in designer clothing rentals. I also hand-make jewelry for our Sugar Sequin Vintage jewelry line using vintage designer materials to produce one-of-a-kind pieces. Like any small business owner, there have been small struggles, I had to overcome some adversity. I learned if you work hard there isn’t anything you can’t do if you want to. I eat, sleep, and breathe fashion, it’s what drives me. Whatever you need in fashion, I am here for all your fashion needs.


You've participated in "My Style Rocks - Greek Edition." How has this experience influenced your career and personal style evolution?

My Style Rocks was a nice experience, but it doesn’t really represent fashion as I know it. It is more of a TV show than a Fashion show. I came all this way from Florida and I achieved my goal of making it on the show, it was my way to break into the Greek Fashion World and that led to other opportunities like fashion interviews and other magazine fashion features. Regardless I will always push my style to the limit and crave fashion.

Living in the United States while maintaining strong ties to Greek culture, how do you blend these influences into your fashion choices and designs?

I absolutely love Greece, I match Greek elements with my fashion constantly. I have a big passion for Greek-inspired fashion clothing and accessories, I have a dedicated section in my closet for Greek fashion. From Pom Poms on my shoes to Ancient Greek dresses, Grecian prints, Greek key designs, I have it and love to wear it all. I love the elegant draping of a Greek dress, not to mention, the ornate headdresses! I love to add a key element, for example, a Greek key bangle or Greek key belt to my outfit and instantly I have a tie to my Greek culture in my outfit.

Could you share insights about your education and how it has shaped your approach to fashion consulting and design?

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Merchandising, from my education, I’ve learned that hard work and persistence can lead to amazing opportunities and if you decide to take initiative it leads you to beneficial advantages. My experience taught me to stay committed and never give up. I apply all these lessons to my approach to fashion consulting I motivate and push myself even the littlest things like sending that extra email and reaching out and connecting to the right person can lead you to the right opportunity. This is the mindset I learned to have because it is a wave of emotions having your own business and you run into obstacles along the way but in the end, you will find the right person to appreciate your work.

Have you collaborated with various designers and fashion brands? Can you share some memorable collaborations and their impact on your career?

 I have collaborated with Juicy Couture they rented 50+ pieces from my Vintage Clothing Archive for a Holiday campaign. I have collaborated with Greek Designers Marios Karavasilis and Dimitris Strepkos of Celebrity Skin, I wore their pieces to My Style Rocks, Mad for Fashion, and Athens Fashion Week. Being in Fashion to be personally invited to a designer's showroom and to get the opportunity to wear their pieces to events is an experience and a dream all of its own. I was looking forward to wearing some Greek designs being in Greece and all.

Your work has been featured in several magazines. What have been some of the most significant moments or achievements in your career so far?

I have been featured in Vogue Magazine multiple times, they wrote a fashion feature on me and my Juicy Couture fashion collection, I had the opportunity to style the whole feature and I was also featured in Their “Best Fashion Instagrams of the Week” fashion feature. That is the ultimate fashion person’s dream, to be featured in Vogue Magazine, it’s at the top. This was one of the happiest days of my life, I experienced true happiness. I have done fashion reporting in Florida in Tampa Great Day Live and Miami on WSVN Deco Drive News, where I reported on Vintage Fashion Clothing Rentals, Western Core Fashion, current fashion trends. I am very proud of how far my business has come, I am proud of all my fashion features from the smallest to the highest it does not matter in the end because they all mean so much to me and validate everything that I do in fashion. One of my most memorable Fashion Features was my Gulfshore Life Business Feature, this was a multiple-page spread about my fashion consulting business, where we had an entire photoshoot I got to style and share fashion insights, it was amazing. Another memorable feature was being featured and invited to Randolph Market in Chicago, which is one of the biggest vintage markets in the US. I got to be in the ballroom with all the top vintage dealers. My Vintage Designer Archive and my Sugar Sequin Jewelry line were featured at this major vintage fashion event.

What do you believe is the role of fashion in our daily lives, and how does it impact our self-expression and confidence?

 Fashion plays a significant role in our lives. There is no better feeling in the world than to love the outfit you are wearing and go about your day, it sets your mood for the day and gives you confidence. With fashion and style, you can flaunt your favourite features with clothing that highlights your shape, it shows a great image to the public and brings out confidence. People feed off that confidence and it promotes positivity. Fashion makes life events more memorable for example think of a wedding and the wedding dress. Fashion provides you the freedom to be creative and show your personal style from experimenting with unique looks to accessorizing in different ways.

From your perspective, do you think certain nationalities are particularly well-dressed or have a unique approach to fashion?

From my perspective, I don’t think certain nationalities are more stylish than each other. There are people with good and bad styles in all nationalities. It’s the concept of style that is different. I believe the everyday attire in the US might be considered more eclectic than in other countries. What is cool and trending in one country could be considered unfashionable in another. For example in France they favour chic and sophisticated looks, New York favours more eccentric and diverse looks, and Milan sleek and cutting edge, so it varies from country to country. I respect every type of style in Fashion.

Fashion trends are constantly evolving. How do you stay up-to-date with the latest trends, and how do you decide which ones to incorporate into your brand's style?

I keep up-to-date with fashion trends by reading magazines, attending fashion shows, keeping track of current runway collections, and paying attention to styles at important events, I read fashion websites daily. I like to be a trendsetter myself so personally speaking, if everyone is wearing yellow, I’m going to wear pink that is what makes a fashion trendsetter, so I wouldn’t necessarily pick something for my brand just because it’s trending. I go for different factors like quality and uniqueness, textures, and style factor, everything I choose for Sugar Sequin Vintage I would personally love, wear, and is me. One of my efforts in fashion is to join the past with the future, so this is a factor as well.

In the ever-changing world of fashion, can you share some common fashion mistakes people make, and what advice would you give to avoid them?

Common fashion mistakes are underdressing for the occasion. Do your research beforehand, know how the place looks and your surroundings. I say always overdress all the time because there is nothing worse than showing up to an event and realizing you should have worn that fancy dress instead of a sweatshirt and jeans.

Not knowing your own fashion style. If you are not sure about the kind of style you like to wear, I suggest you try out different outfits and clothing options until you find the perfect combination. Push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Incorrect shoes for your outfit. I suggest paying attention to your shoe choices they are a foundation to your outfit. Shoes connect the whole outfit, either they will make or destroy your look. Wear shoes that go with your attributes.

Showing too much is skin. I always say leave something to the imagination, you want to be classy. If you are going to reveal your chest, then cover your legs and vice versa.

Forgetting to add accessories is going to make your outfit look unfinished. Always accessorizing is a big factor in being stylish, accessorizing elevates any outfit. It’s either they don’t accessorize or they accessorize too much which takes away from the total look.

My best suggestion is to find and work with a Fashion Consultant. There are many benefits when working with a Fashion Consultant, this way you can achieve your wardrobe, closet goals, and all your style needs.

Could you discuss the role of family in your life and career, and how it has influenced your fashion choices and business decisions?

Family plays an important role. My family doesn’t give much fashion input unless I ask, they love my style, they are my biggest supporters and support my efforts and choices. My parents also help me out if I need them in my fashion business, which is important to me. I have a passion for fashion, my family believes in me and respects my passion. I feel blessed for this.

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