Rapper Mo Skillz passed away on Friday night at the age of 38

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Born as Dimitris Roussos, the well-known rapper Mo Skillz is said to have died after suffering a heart attack, leaving his fans in mourning.

Mo Skillz had recently moved to Cyprus with his family. In one of his last Instagram posts, he had announced the release of his new song. Now, this post - as well as previous ones - is flooded with condolence messages.

The song about Giovanni
Mo Skillz became widely known for the song he had written about former Olympiacos footballer Giovanni.

"I grew up in Faliro, and in my adolescence, I was a bit weird. A graffiti artist and a hip-hop fan, I only listened to American artists. For a long time, all I listened to from Greece was TXC; I was obsessed with them. At first, I only wrote in English, but when I heard Euthymis and later "Rhyme for Money," I decided to switch to Greek. I wasn't into Low Bap at all. I was a football fan, with a season ticket for Olympiacos. I was hot-tempered and often got into fights. Of course, I've taken more beatings than I've given (laughs). Then, I went to study in Italy, and since then, everything took its course," he said in an interview with Vice.

Condolence messages from friends and colleagues
Upon hearing the news of Mo Skillz's death, Panagiotis Bougas - known as "Midenistis" and a founding member of Zografistoi Nerou (ZN) - expressed his grief.

In recent years, the two of them had managed to create a loyal following through livestreams on YouTube. The videos they posted garnered thousands of views.

"Oh, our dear brother. It's hard for us to accept. We don't want to accept it. You will always be in our hearts. Have a safe journey, my tool. One team for life," he wrote.

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Rapper Mo Skillz passed away on Friday night at the age of 38 1

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