The illegal and suspected Pakistani-financed mosque in Megara is closing!

pakistani-funded illegal mosque

The revelation in Demokratia newspaper relating to the largest mosque in Greece after that of Votanikos, which was illegally opened in Megara without any place of worship permit, has caused a stir in the

According to News Break, the Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs and Sports will announce the mosque's closure in the next few days. It's remembered that the inauguration took place with great pomp under the nose of the Greek state.

Demokratia published the details about the Megara mosque on Monday, November 27, and the reaction came four days later from the responsible ministry, which decided to do the legal thing.

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The Grand Imam

The inauguration took place in the presence of a large number of Pakistanis from the community of western Attica, but also with the presence of renowned Grand Imam Sultan Fiaz Ul Hassan Qadri, who came to Greece from Birmingham, England to bless the new mosque and cut the ribbon. He is one of the strongest figures of Islamism in the Pakistani diaspora, a supporter of hard religio-political trends, but also a fanatical fan of Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

His presence in Greece is an example of the importance that Pakistanis give to the creation of a mosque in our country. Imam Sultan Fiaz Ul Hassan Qadri is permanently in open line with the highest power centres of Pakistan, the country that is Turkey's closest ally, along with Azerbaijan.

The reaction of the Ministry of Education, if it is immediate, at this particular time, a few days before Erdogan visits Athens, will also be a message to the Turkish side.

Last Monday, Demokratia in its publication mentioned in full detail even the luxurious Lexus jeep with which the imam visited the newly built mosque, which was financed as the purchase of the land and as a construction, not, of course, by the Pakistani community of the area where they work on estates and poultry farms, but from centres of Islamic expansion in Europe.


The issue was highlighted in May 2022, when Mea Culpa of the journalist Konstantinos Bogdanos published photos and evidence that a huge illegal mosque was springing up in Megara.

As an independent member of parliament, he had submitted a question to the Parliament.

Still, the answer was generally from the Ministry of Citizen Protection that a preliminary investigation is being carried out and that until May 2022, from the control of the local police station, it did not emerge that it was an illegal place of worship.

The Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs had also chosen to hide the reality in a similar question of the president of the Hellenic Solution, Kyriakos Velopoulos, who had also provided photographic material from religious gatherings in the area.

Read Mea Culpa's report on Pakistan's alleged financing here.

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