From 'Greek Idol' to Global Aspirations: Giorgio Douros Unveils His Musical Odyssey

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Giorgio Douros is a captivating singer whose music transcends genres, blending soulful melodies with a contemporary flair. With a voice that effortlessly navigates the highs and lows, Douros delivers emotionally charged performances that resonate with authenticity. His songs are a rich tapestry of introspective lyrics and infectious rhythms, creating a sonic experience that leaves a lasting impression. Douros has the rare ability to connect with listeners on a profound level, drawing them into his musical world where each note is a brushstroke painting a vivid picture of human experience. Whether it's the soul-stirring ballads or the upbeat anthems, Giorgio Douros' music is a testament to his artistic prowess and a testament to the power of music to touch the soul.

Giwrgos Ntouros0055

Can you tell us about your journey on "Greek Idol" and how it has shaped your career as a singer? What were the most valuable lessons you learned from the experience?

This journey for me started without me even knowing, as my girlfriend at the time signed me up. Everything that followed was excessive for a young artist. The show was a massive hit as it was one of the most expensive and heavily promoted productions at the time, hosted by the most notorious Greek TV presenter. The popularity and exposure that this resulted in was colossal in a very short period. Thankfully it helped me proceed in the industry representing my values, authenticity, and music as rock & roll was at the core of my being. I was fortunate enough to breathe life into my vision exactly as I had dreamed of, without having to cut corners due to music labels, producers, and managers. I got to live the dream of every artist, to be true to myself and make a living out of it at the same time. The first big shock for me was to perform not only for a live audience but also for more than 1.500.000 viewers. Also one of the hardest things and another major lesson was having to deal with the power that comes with such great success. Even though I knew that it wouldn't last more than two to three years since I had decided from the beginning that I would follow my heart and not fame. I chose to focus on my music and not vanity.

As you continue to pursue your music career, what are your plans and aspirations? Are there any specific milestones or goals you hope to achieve in the near future?

My plans haven't changed, I have the same dreams that I did when I was a child. I want to write songs,  present them to the people, and feed their souls. Ambition is always part of the game in life and mine has remained the same since I was a teenager. I aspire to travel the world,  performing my music all around the globe. It would mean the world to me to perform in the USA since it's the country that gave birth to the music that formed my mentality and aesthetic rock & roll. I'm always moved by the stories of people who came from nothing but conquered everything they set their focus on. Milestones for me are divided into two categories, those you accomplish while being alive and the legacy you leave behind afterwards. The biggest milestone in life is to be able to make music till my later years and work with some of the most iconic artists in Greece and abroad. My afterlife milestone would be to leave behind a legacy of songs that will have touched and inspired the audience and to be able to meet my icons in Heaven.

Greece has a rich musical heritage. How do you perceive the role and value of music in contemporary Greece, and how does your music contribute to this cultural landscape?

Music's value is beyond what words can describe, imagine a life without music or deprived of arts, humanity would collapse. Music has been evolving alongside humanity for ages, still in Greece a vast majority is kind of stuck in the 80s mentality, but I hope we'll surpass it at some point. My music is inspired by raw emotion and life experiences, so it is relatable to the audience.

Your music encompasses various genres. Could you describe the genre you feel most closely represents your style and the creative influences that have shaped it?

I have studied and loved modern Western music, from classical to jazz, to swing and rock 'n' roll, to even hard rock, it has been an infinite journey. So my music is influenced by all that, combined with my personality and experiences. Rock music has always been part of my being since childhood, because of its power and the emotional load it portrays.

Collaborations with other artists can often result in unique and memorable music. Can you share any insights into your past or upcoming collaborations and what you find most rewarding about working with other musicians?

Being chosen to open up for Jon Roth (Scorpions) in one of the biggest stadiums in Greece was a massive honour for me as an artist. Performing with stars like Jeff Scot Soto, and Linard Jackson who is a funk music legend and has worked with Stevie Wonder, Prince, Lauryn Hill,and many more were magical experiences. As musicians, we speak the same wonderful global language, music. So when we join our forces, no one can ever know the type of miracle, that will come out of it. My wish for the future is to be able to work with fellow musicians from across the planet.

What are your thoughts on the emerging talent in the Greek music scene and how do you see the new generation of artists influencing the industry?

I am blessed to be able to meet a lot of talented, young artists who are now enabled to promote their work through technology. Sharing it across the planet online has helped us evolve as musicians and as people, even though it has never been supported by the industry.

Your fans are eagerly anticipating a new album. Can you provide any details or teasers about your upcoming project, including its themes and musical direction?

After having my first English-speaking album released, titled "2012" by XRC USA Records, I have experimented with Greek lyrics. The outcome of that was the release of the single "To Vasileio Tis Pipas" which eventually became the reason for the formation of the Icon Pure Music label, which is the subsidiary of Icon Music. We have also created a magnificent cover of the iconic song "Dance Me To The End Of Love" by Leonard Cohen, which will premiere in a few days. We hope for it to be loved by the audience as much or even more than my last single.

Personal style is an important aspect of being a performer. How would you describe your current styling trends and the role of fashion in your public image?

Since I can remember, I have been into styling and fashion, playing with many different styles. My favorite though is classic elegance combined with rock aesthetic. Currently, I'm into a rock-chic look with mix-and-match elements. Black is definitely my favorite color.

Many artists use their platforms to address social issues. Are there any particular social or humanitarian causes that you are passionate about, and how do you incorporate your views into your music or public statements?

I firmly believe that it's one of the most positive aspects of the internet. Hatred and everything that comes from it should be fought by any means. Racism, homophobia, fascism, killings based on gender, sexual preferences, religious beliefs, etc. are always some of the topics I choose to post about. Furthermore, I have written a song titled "Devil's Testings" inspired by modern societal problems such as the ones mentioned. What is currently happening in Gaza and Ukraine is a true plague for humanity and it has led me to have certain parts in my live performances dedicated to peace and my opposition towards war.

Lastly, what message or piece of advice would you like to share with your fans and aspiring musicians who look up to you as an artist and role model?

To everyone who supported me and has been supporting me through the years, I would like to say a massive "thank you". They are my greatest treasure in life, I would like them to remain the way they are no matter what life might throw at them. To love genuinely and unconditionally, abide by their magnanimity, and never stop nurturing their souls. To the younger generation that honours me with their love and admiration, I wish to follow their biggest and wildest dreams always. Finally, I would like to welcome all aspiring musicians to the incredible world of music, where everything is possible.

Instagram: @giorgio_douros

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