GPO poll: New Democracy leads by 23.6% from second placed PASOK - SYRIZA is below 10%, New Left at 2.5%

New Democracy Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Mitsotakis, Stefanos Kasselakis, Kasselakis, SYRIZA

A 23.6% lead for New Democracy over the second-placed PASOK in voting intention, according to a GPO poll for the Parapolitika newspaper.

In the same poll, the New Left is registered for the first time, with the 11 MPs who left SYRIZA registering a percentage of 2.5%.

As for SYRIZA, it gathers for the first time after years percentages below 10% (9.8%), while in November, in a survey by the same company, it was at 11%, with PASOK appearing to maintain its strength at 12.1%.

The fourth party in the intention to vote is the KKE with 8.9%, followed by the Hellenic Solution at 5.4%, the Spartans at 3.2%, the Freedom Movement at 2.8%, the Victory with 2.7% and the MeRa25 at 1.5%, while undecideds are recorded at 10.9%.

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