Postponement of Greece's Top-Level Soccer Matches after Violent Clashes with Fans

greek police

This weekend, Greece's top-level soccer matches have been abruptly postponed following severe clashes involving unruly sports fans.

A distressing incident occurred when a police officer was critically injured after being struck by a dangerous flare. As a result, Greek league organizers have announced the rescheduling of these matches due to their failure in securing referees for the crucial games.

The decision to postpone the matches was made on Friday, in response to a series of violent incidents related to sporting events. The announcement came just hours after more than 400 individuals were detained by the police following riots that erupted outside a volleyball stadium in Athens.

It is unfortunate to note that certain groups of aggressive soccer fans selectively target other sports events where their affiliated clubs participate, exploiting the comparatively lower level of security present, to carry out their attacks.

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