Kasselakis: We are by far the most independent party

Stefanos Kasselakis

"We want to change our country and our compatriots everyday life and if this remain our target we will succeed" main opposition SYRIZA leader Stefanos Kasselakis addressing his party's Central Committee meeting on Saturday.

"We are by far the most independent party, we do not owe anything and nobody can silence us, we will remain independent and deeply social" he underlined.

He referred to the international developments, the war in Ukraine "which continues without termination prospect while at the same time continues the massacre in Gaza". He also said that "we are moving to a difficult situation in Europe where the ongoing EU structural crisis may deepen even further if the extreme- right forces succeed to play a key role in the new European Parliament. In these times the left, progressive and democratic principles and values should prevail".

Kasselakis underlined that "we should altogether support the need for immediate peace at the eastern European borders and in the Middle East, demanding again the recognition of a Palestinian Stat next to Israel, at the borders of 1967 with capital Eastern Jerusalem".

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