Are you compatible with your partner? A Greek expert tell us 6 signs to look out for

Following the dramatic arrest last week of Greek model Elena Polychronopoulou and her partner Dimitri Regginidi

The perfect match never exists, no matter how much love at first might try to convince us otherwise. However, in some relationships, as time passes and the passion subsides, we begin to feel a strong incompatibility with our partner, so we find it difficult to imagine a common future for us.

As the Greek psychotherapist Zaharoula Valavani writes in her post on Instagram: "Many times we think that the perspective of the person we are with is wrong. Over time and through our attempt to change him (even if we don't consciously accept it), we are filled with resentment, and criticism begins, resulting in us not recognising the person we initially fell in love with.

"But what is incompatibility? And how will you know that you are experiencing incompatibility in your relationship?"

See six signs of incompatibility, according to the above expert:

1. The future looks different: One dreams of a life in nature and tranquillity with a slow pace, and the other is a life in a city with a fast pace and professional advancement. One may want children and the other not, etc. When you close your eyes and dream about the future, does your vision line up with what your partner sees?

2. Different sex drives: When one has high sex drives and the other does not, it results in both experiencing great confusion. One will experience rejection and additional pressure. This sexual tension can carry over into other aspects of the relationship.

See the rest of the signs of incompatibility in the link below:


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