Marina Lampropoulou: "It bothers me that homosexuals get married, I'm raising a son"

Marina Lampropoulou

Marina Lampropoulou expressed her opposition to the marriages of same-sex couples in her televised statements.

She is the choreographer who became known to the wider Greek television audience through her participation as a jury member in "Dancing With The Stars" in 2021.

In speaking on "Super Katerina," she said that she is raising a son and does not want her child to have these standards, even though he considers it normal.

In particular, she stated: "I am raising a son; he is in his teens. Who deals with these issues with absolute calmness and respect. I have no problem with all of this existing; it just bothers me that we have now reached the point where same-sex marriages are taking place."

"It bothers me. I don't know, maybe I'm old school, I don't know. I have so many gay friends, and I love them so much I have no problem. But getting married too... I don't know," the choreographer continued.

"Maybe I'm behind. Maybe some others will change their minds. Maybe because I've become a mum, I see things a little more strictly. I don't want my son to grow up with this standard. I don't like it," she added.

Finally, Marina said that when she has a relevant discussion with her son, he "cuts her off".

"He tells me, Mum, I don't understand you, I find this normal," she concluded.

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