Walk in the hills of Athens: The all day hangouts for a view of the capital from above

Apolis Athens

Climbing the hills of Athens. For coffee, brunch, dessert and ice cream or simply for endless wandering in the immensity of this city.

If you observe Athens from above, you can quickly put aside that which aesthetically saddens or anger you and focus, instead, your gaze on a monotonous but, at the same time, delightfully peaceful urban image.

So, take a deep breath and get ready to test your endurance on mini nature walks within the walls. By climbing the hills of a city buzzing with life, movement and action. To discover the other Athens, the one that insists on reminding you of the reasons why you loved it in the first place!

Prasina Tenta

Prasina Tenta

Not just one but dozens of green awnings shade the top of the most emblematic hill of Athens, Lycabettus, every morning, giving life to one of the most historic haunts of the city.

With a retro mood that flashbacks to the old, raw Athens of the '70s, Prasini Tenta, the city's legendary ouzo with an all-day orientation, reminds us of its privileged position and beautiful city.

Prasina Tenta

The lyrics of Going Through instantly bring to your mind: "a good mood and a last walk, couples hugging in Lycabettus with a view..."

Take an early seat on its multi-level and comfortable balcony, stretch your body under the chapel of Agios Georgios on the southwest side of the hill and let your gaze gallop past the Holy Rock of the Acropolis and the Panathenaic Stadium, reaching the sea and the Argosaronic Islands.

Alternatively, come just before sunset for drinks, food and plenty of partying under the enchanting orange-purple Attic sky.

Lycabettus Path, tel. 210 3635400


Telescope Haidari Athens

With its trademark, the white telescope that explores the rooftops and balconies of Athens and the starry sky above the city, the Telescope gives an extra dose of interest on the Hill of Prophet Ilias in Chaidari.

Perimeter glazing for a full view of Athens, an open space hall that brings the summer breeze companionship to your table and a balcony with a breathtaking view that gives the impression of getting the city fully delivered under your feet.

And yet, at that exact spot, at the edge of the balcony, Athens looks so tiny and, at the same time, so spectacular.

With an all-day character, Telescope rolls up early in the morning for coffee and brunch in the sun while loud music, excellent cocktails and a flirty atmosphere take over in the evening.

2 Agia Mavras, Prophet Ilias Hill, Haidari, tel. 210-5812047



It's one of the reasons that if you don't live in the western suburbs, you'll get in the car and drive to St. Petersburg. The view of the city from above that you will see climbing to the grove of Agios Dimitrios will compensate you and make you return there often!

You will go to Apolis in the morning for relaxed meetings with friends, coffees, snacks and comfort snacks in the sun, but also for business meetings, inside, in its minimal and earth tones hall or outside, on the comfortable sofas that bring Athens to your plate.

And when the last ray of the sun bids you farewell, and you've taken the time to soak up the epic sunset, enjoy your drink late into the night on the whitewashed Cycladic patio of the Scherzo Summer Lounge.

Without even having to take the boat. Just by going down some stairs!

Grove Ag. Dimitriou, Petroupoli, tel. 210 5060620

Terra Petra

Terra Petra

It was around the mid-90s when the old quarry of St. Petersburg was transformed from a rough and dank industrial workplace to a meeting point of western Athens for outings with a relaxed mood above the brightly lit city.

From then to today, much may have changed in this stone urban shelter, but what remains authentically raw is the mesmerising setting of a city that unfurls in front of you, all its charm.

Terra Petra

Whether day or night, you will come here to take a deep breath above the capital's narrow streets, in the shadow of the Petra theatre, and to feel, if only for a moment, that you are on vacation in the closed city.

Organise your visit according to your mood: At the day coffee bar for more morning situations, at the Tropical Espresso bar for early afternoon drinks, at Karavi 360 for signature evening cocktails and finally at Latomeio for snacks after the music.

Theatro Petras, Petroupoli, tel. 6948388382, 210 5060694


Yades AthensOn a hill in the heart of the Attic Grove in the famous Turkovunia, which separates the eastern from the western basin of Attica, the Hyades, with its comfortable, stone-built courtyard, spread out tables under the olives and poplars and "serve" on the plate, the escape philosophy in the city. Start from the height of Nea Filothei, leave your car low in the parking lot and then test your athleticism by walking up to the top at a leisurely pace.

If you come in the morning, you will enjoy coffee, natural juices and spicy ouzos with seafood in the cool courtyard.

At the same time, as the hours go by, the atmosphere becomes more romantic; drinks and cocktails make their first appearance at the bar and comfort dishes of the kitchen set up their own catwalk. And all this with the sensational view of Athens monopolising your interest and, above all, confirming a well-spent evening.

Attiko Alsos (Entrance from the street, Athanasiou Karpenisiotis), tel. 210 64 60 266

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