Australian Ambassador ascends the sacred Acropolis for Greek flag raising ceremony (PHOTOS)

Australian Ambassador to Greece Alison Duncan with the Greek

Australia's Ambassador to Greece, Mrs Alison Duncan had the pleasure and unique opportunity to ascend the sacred Acropolis with her family and witness the Greek flag raising ceremony conducted by Evzones every Sunday at sunrise.

Accompanying also the Ambassador was Greek City Times photographer Nick Bourdaniotis who co-ordinated the visit with Colonel Karmiris.

“It was an incredible experience to attend the flag raising at the Acropolis with the Evzones and I was grateful to Nick for having suggested and arranged it. The ceremony is so full of meaning and history. It’s a solemn and very private event, so it was a real honour to be able to walk alongside the Evzones as they made their way onto the Acropolis. Being up close, I was able to get a good look at their intricate uniforms and to see just how tall they all were! It was great to be about to talk to Colonel Karmiris about the significance of the flag raising and the role of the Evzones and the Cretan Guard as well. My family was also thrilled to be able to join me for this special event - an experience we will always treasure.” said Mrs Duncan.


The Presidential Guard is a ceremonial unit, charged with providing permanent ceremonial guard detachments of two Evzones each for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the entrance to the Presidential Mansion, and one Evzone for its own barracks, the Georgios Tzavellas Camp, situated directly in front of the Presidential Mansion.  It also provides personnel for the solemn raising and lowering of the Greek flag on the Acropolis of Athens, honour guards during foreign head of state visits, and participation in military parades both inside and outside Greece, most notably during the Greek Independence Day celebrations on 25 March in New York and Chicago. Detachments of the Guard have also occasionally participated in Greek Independence Day celebrations in Melbourne, Philadelphia, and elsewhere.

Greek City Times photographer Nick Bourdaniotis  with the Australian Ambassador to Greece Mrs Alison Duncan next to the Greek Presidential Guard (Evzones) at the Acropolis on Sunday morning.

Australian Ambassador to Greece Alison Duncan with the Greek

Australian Ambassador to Greece Alison Duncan with the Greek

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