Yiannis Ferentinos: Crafting Timeless Elegance in the World of Fashion


In the realm of haute couture and sartorial elegance, Yiannis Ferentinos emerges as a luminary fashion stylist, transcending boundaries with his avant-garde vision and unparalleled creativity. With a penchant for pushing the boundaries of conventional fashion, Ferentinos has become a maestro of transforming fabrics into exquisite works of art that drape the human form with effortless grace.

Yiannis Ferentinos has etched his mark in the industry through groundbreaking collaborations with A-list celebrities, seamlessly blending their unique personas with his distinctive aesthetic. From red-carpet events to high-profile photoshoots, Ferentinos' stylistic prowess has graced the likes of many celebrities, creating fashion moments that resonate far beyond the flashbulbs.

A dreamer and visionary, Ferentinos envisions a fashion landscape that transcends trends, embracing a timeless elegance that speaks to the soul. His creations are a testament to his commitment to craftsmanship and innovation, weaving together cultural influences and modern design with an artistic finesse that captivates the discerning eye.

Beyond the runway, Ferentinos' dreams extend to fostering inclusivity within the fashion industry, championing diversity, and empowering emerging talents. As a style arbiter, he seeks to redefine beauty standards and promote a narrative that celebrates individuality.

Yiannis Ferentinos stands at the forefront of fashion, a maven whose designs not only clothe the body but tell a compelling story of identity, expression, and the boundless possibilities of style.


Can you tell us about your educational background in the field of styling and how it has influenced your career as a stylist?

My education led me to the specialisation of fashion styling-image making, graduated from the Veloudakis School after a year, followed six-month seminars in image making and fashion direction at the Fashion London School. Through this training, I acquired the fundamental skills and elements of fashion. My initial education provided a solid foundation for me to enter the fashion industry with knowledge, by influencing my career positively.

How do you perceive today's style trends compared to when you first started in the industry, and what are some of the key changes you've noticed?

When I started, fashion was intriguing in terms of creativity and evolution. Each fashion house expressed trends creatively according to the era. In recent years, however, fashion has become more commercial, losing its timeless aesthetic in clothing, accessories, and footwear. The changes I've observed include the prominence of oversized and more colour blocking in winter. Men's fashion now offers more choices in clothing and footwear. In summary, the style has lost its personality in the last two years, with a trend towards soft, monochromatic looks rather than emphasising elegance.

Could you share some insights into the most memorable collaborations in your career? What made these partnerships stand out for you?

All collaborations throughout my career, regardless of the time, were unique. Each presented a challenge to gain trust through my work, whether it was TV presenters in morning, afternoon, or evening shows, or the production companies to be satisfied with the styling image. Collaborating with fashion magazines as a stylist and later as a fashion editor was a constant challenge, requiring staying updated on new fashion trends. Working in theatre and cinema, creating a styling image that complements the actor's role, was a particularly memorable challenge. Each collaboration, as well as the people involved, holds a significant place in my career.

Have there been any challenging experiences while working with celebrities? Can you discuss a particular celebrity collaboration that presented unique obstacles?

In all my 25 years in the fashion industry, whether in television, fashion magazines, or theatre and cinema, I haven't encountered any obstacles that hindered my collaborations. Perhaps my dedication and diligence in my work played a vital role. I aimed to be consistent and creative when working with celebrities, and any minor difficulties might have come from colleagues rather than the celebrities themselves.

You've participated in several big events and projects. Could you highlight one of your most significant experiences and the impact it had on your career?

A particularly interesting question. I am grateful for three major events I undertook as a fashion director. The first involved collaborating with designer Lila Nova, organising her first show at the Athens Fashion Week after three years of collaboration. The second event featured a fashion show with 25 Paralympians, along with celebrities from television, theater, and sports, showcasing the Nicos-Takis fashion brand for philanthropic purposes. The third event involved 25 women aged 25 to 55 who had undergone breast surgery or had tattoos following their battle with cancer. Organising a fashion show on Breast Cancer Day, featuring evening wear by Greek designers, conveyed a powerful message of strength.

What are your plans and goals as a stylist? Are there any specific projects or directions you're excited to explore in the coming years?

My plans include continuing to teach styling at the school I started this year, focusing on personal styling for individual students and professional styling for industry professionals. During the Covid period, I started online seminars on organising wardrobes for both men and women based on their profession and age. I also aim to explore the possibility of hosting a fashion-related TV show.

How do you view the contributions of Greek designers to the global fashion industry, and do you have any personal favourites or emerging talents you admire?

I don't see a strong presence of Greek designers in the global fashion industry. However, in Greece, many talented emerging designers have made a positive impact.

In your opinion, what does "style" mean to you? How would you define your unique style as a stylist?

Style, to me, signifies an individual's expression of personality through fashion without complicating things—following a timeless and elegant style with subtle adjustments based on yearly fashion trends.

If you could create your ideal styling project, what would it look like, and which client or event would it involve?

My ideal project would involve creating a TV show helping individuals improve their style, starting with their wardrobes based on their personality and body type. The participants would be viewers of all ages and professions, allowing me to organise their wardrobes and contribute positively to their self-expression.

Lastly, how important is the concept of free expression in your work as a stylist, and how do you encourage your clients to express themselves through fashion?

For me, a designer is an artist who creates fashion and style for each era, and I respect their vision. If a client seeks my opinion, I express myself freely with respect. The experience gained from working with reputable brands and clients who become fashion enthusiasts, contributes to becoming a more experienced stylist.


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