The Kasselakis family at a SYRIZA party event in Piraeus - See photos

Stefanos Kasselakis family SYRIZA

At the event organised by OM SYRIZA E' Piraeus on Saturday night (12/16), the entire Kasselakis family was present - together.

SYRIZA MP Tryfon Alexiadis made a related post on social media, stressing that the event was a great success and that among those who went were Stefanos Kasselakis, his father, Theodoros, his brother Stelios, and his husband, Tyler.

The post made by Tryfon Alexiadis:

Great success of the event organised by O.M. SYRIZA - PS E Piraeus last night. The Coordinating Committee set the bar high and succeeded.

We were honoured with their presence by the Kasselakis family (Mr. Theodoros, Stefanos Kasselakis, Stelios, Tyler) who have long-standing relations with the neighbourhoods of Piraeus, as well as the ... immovable companion and friend Nikolas Farantouris II.

The optimism, fun and beautiful conversations made the evening unforgettable. Kudos to the organisers!

See post and photos:

Kasselakis: 11 priorities of the SYRIZA programme

"It is our duty to be the voice of society," SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance leader Stefanos Kasselakis said on Sunday during the meeting of the parliamentary group, strongly criticising the government's policy and the Budget, which is "part of the problem", as "it does not deal with the problem of high prices, does not protect workers, does not support the middle class, but instead burdens them with more taxes."

Kasselakis stressed that "the role of the Left, the progressive faction, is to replace fear, to bring hope, to replace insecurity with real security, to replace resignation with the interest of the citizen, to replace anger, to bring confidence to a progressive political plan that will change our lives."

The main opposition leader underlined that the country needs structural reconstruction, noting the necessity for a "clear plan, with progressive content". He listed 11 key changes-priorities that are part of the overall plan that SYRIZA is working on:

1. Building a healthy labour market, with wages and rights that will allow a decent living that will allow young people to stay in their country. With an increase in the minimum wage to 900 euros.
2. Clear, stable tax framework.
3. Redistributing the resources of the Recovery and Resilience Facility to small and medium-sized enterprises, "the vast majority of which do not have access to bank loans and many of them are suffocating from debt."
4. Implementation of a fair and inclusive green transition "that will not leave behind thousands of helpless unemployed citizens."
5. Effective housing program.
6. Tackling the excessive private debt, protection of the primary residence.
7. Strong social state and practical support of the Public Health System. Emphasis on adequate funding, quality and extroversion of education, and research.
8. Creating conditions for attracting direct foreign investment, which will have added value for the national economy.
9. Restoring the rule of law and ensuring the operation of the state with transparency, emphasising the real digitisation of its services and not the creation of additional digital bureaucracy.
10. Improvement of the judicial system. "We don't deserve to be in position 27."
11. Bring to the fore again as the main opposition and soon as a government the need to exercise an active multidimensional foreign policy.

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