New Poll: New Democracy dominates, SYRIZA falls into 3rd place after formation of New Left

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SYRIZA approaches the new year with significant losses following the formation of the "New Left" party and the stability in New Democracy and PASOK.

The decline of SYRIZA to third place was characteristically reflected once again in yesterday's Opinion Poll for Action24, showing the official opposition consistently third and at a distinct distance from the second in voter preferences, PASOK-Movement for Change.

The ruling New Democracy collects a percentage of 34% in the vote estimate, followed by PASOK - Movement for Change with a percentage of 13.6%, whilst SYRIZA only has 11.8%.

SYRIZA has lost 1.3% since last November, when it gathered a percentage of 14.7%.

Kasselakis: We believe that digital transition should be human-centred

Main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance leader Stefanos Kasselakis addressing the Digital Economy Forum organised by the
the Federation of Hellenic ICT Enterprises (SEPE) on Monday called it "a very important sector of the economy that is going to play an even more significant role in the Greek economy".

"The policies that are behind the use of technology are those that will determine its impact," he noted adding that "SYRIZA believes that the digital transition may and should be human-centred for the benefit of the society, the sustainable growth, the improvement of the quality of life and of the labour".

He lashed out at the "inefficiency in absorbing funds" and the "lack of fair distribution as there is clear bias in the favour of the major and strong groups" explaining that "all these reveal the real neoliberal face of New Democracy's government".

Kasselakis presented his party's main axes for a "fair digital transition as pillar of productive reconstruction of the country".

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