EU Reaches Agreement to Strengthen Asylum Laws and Combat Illegal Migration

Greece, Italy, Spain and Malta sign joint memorandum on migration

After prolonged deliberation, the European Union has successfully reached a consensus to strengthen its asylum legislation.

The agreement focuses on enhancing current laws to effectively deter illegal migration.

Refugees originating from countries deemed as safe will be subjected to more stringent treatment, including their temporary detention until the completion of their asylum proceedings.

The process of expediting the deportation of disapproved asylum seekers to third nations will be streamlined for greater efficiency.

Under the new system, countries not at the border will have a choice between accepting refugees or paying into an EU fund.

The screening system envisaged will seek to distinguish between those in need of international protection and others who are not.

People whose asylum applications have a low chance of success, such as those from India, Tunisia or Turkey, can be prevented from entering the EU and detained at the border, as can people seen as representing a threat to security.


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