Greek ministry of culture announces price hike in entry to Acropolis

2023 12 Athens GCT 6

Private guided tours at the Acropolis, outside of the operating hours of the site, were announced on the evening of Tuesday, December 19, by the Ministry of Culture.

The Central Archaeological Council (KAS) has unanimously approved revised entrance fees for archaeological sites and museums in Greece. The adjustments involve an increase in prices, the elimination of unified tickets for multiple sites, and a reduction in ticket categories to five levels.

The modified pricing will be implemented in two phases, commencing on April 1, 2024, and the second phase on April 1, 2025. The new ticket categories are as follows:

A. Acropolis of Athens: 30 euros

B. Archaeological sites and museums (over 200,000 visitors): 20 euros

C. Archaeological sites and museums (75,000-200,000 visitors): 15 euros

D. Archaeological sites and museums (15,000-75,000 visitors): 10 euros

E. Archaeological sites and museums (under 15,000 visitors): 5 euros

These ticket prices will be applicable throughout the year, as the previous practice of lower winter prices is abolished.

The five major Greek museums, which have become independent entities of public interest, will establish their own pricing policies. These museums include the National Archaeological Museum, the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, the Archaeological Museum of Iraklio, the Byzantine & Christian Museum (Athens), and the Museum of Byzantine Culture (Thessaloniki).

Single tickets for multiple sites will no longer be available, except for specific sites like Ancient Olympia, Delphi, Mycenae, and Aegae, or where necessary due to spatial considerations.

Free entrance will persist for EU citizens up to the age of 25 and for non-EU citizens up to the age of 25. Additionally, reduced ticket prices will be offered to EU citizens aged 65 and above from October 1 to May 31.

Greek taxpayers falling under specific categories can obtain a Culture Card through or the local Citizen Service Centers (KEP).

The tours will be available for a fee of 5,000 euros and will include bonus souvenir gifts.

These exclusive tours are specifically targeted towards a wealthy audience. Additionally, ticket prices for the general public will see increases ranging from 50% to 300%.

The announcement of the Ministry of Culture

The Ministry of Culture notes that "the new pricing policy for entrance tickets to Archaeological Sites, Monuments, and Museums under the Ministry of Culture (approximately 350 in total) is necessary based on the data of increasing visitor numbers in the past 2 years, the use of electronic tickets in 28 sites - so far - with the highest visitation, and the fact that the current prices, revised every five years, are very low compared to the European average.

With this approach, the existing 9 levels in the ticket pricing scale, ranging from 2 to 20 euros, are abolished. These, combined with the 4 categories of reduced tickets and the 34 categories of free entry, result in a complex system with disproportionate administrative costs.

An additional Sunday of free entry will be added each month during the winter period (November 1 - March 31). Specifically, the third Sunday of the month will be added in addition to the first.

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