Greek Submarine "Papanikolis" Executes Daring Operation in the Adriatic Sea During WWII

Headline: Greek Submarine "Papanikolis" Executes Daring Operation in Adriatic Sea During WWII

Date: December 22, 1940

In a strategic move that showcased Greek naval prowess during World War II, the Greek submarine "Papanikolis" undertook a daring operation in the Adriatic Sea on December 22, 1940. Commanded by Miltiadis Iatridis, the submarine intercepted and boarded the Italian motor ship "Antonietta," leading to a significant turn of events.

Papanikolis’ conning tower is on display at the Hellenic Maritime Museum.

Discovery of Italian Convoy Route: Upon boarding the "Antonietta," Commander Iatridis and his crew uncovered a meticulously detailed route plan for an upcoming Italian convoy set to traverse from Brindisi to Vlore. Recognizing the invaluable nature of this information, Commander Iatridis swiftly decided to arrest the Italian crew and take action to prevent the ship from alerting the approaching convoy.

Strategic Decision: In a decisive move, the Greek submarine sank the "Antonietta," ensuring that the crucial information did not fall into enemy hands. This bold action not only disrupted Italian naval activities in the region but also contributed significantly to the Greek resistance against Axis forces during the early stages of World War II.

Role of Greek Submarines: The incident underscores the vital role played by Greek submarines, including the "Papanikolis," in the Hellenic Navy's efforts to resist Axis aggression. The bravery and determination exhibited by Commander Miltiadis Iatridis and his crew in executing this operation highlight the tenacity of Greek naval forces during a challenging period in history.

As Greece actively participated in the war against the Axis powers, such strategic initiatives contributed to the overall resistance effort. The daring actions of the "Papanikolis" continue to be remembered as a testament to the courage and resilience displayed by Greek forces during World War II.

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