Albanian Mayoral Candidate Resigns Amid Controversy and Potential Reconciliation Efforts

Fredi Beleri

Gjergj Goro, a mayoral candidate in the Albanian region of Himare, who took office while his opponent, Fredi Beleri, was in prison, reportedly resigned on Saturday.

Beleri, who is of Greek descent, has been in custody since May on charges of vote-buying, after he was arrested just before the municipal elections, which he won against the Socialist candidate Jorgo Goro.

Prime Minister Edi Rama referred to Beleri as the "elected mayor" and called Goro the "defeated candidate without legitimacy" in a recent post, acknowledging the need to resolve the municipal crisis. The Albanian government is currently working on establishing a legal framework that would allow for the appointment of a temporary mayor, aligning with Prime Minister Rama's statement.

The goal is to select an interim mayor, expected to be a member of the Greek national minority, before the new year. This move by Rama is seen in Tirana as a potential catalyst for restoring a balanced relationship between Greece and Albania.

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