Fredi Beleri: The mayor of Heimara withdrew his resignation, Rama does not find his own trusted plant

Fredi Beleri Heimara

The arrest of the elected mayor of Heimara (Χιμάρα, Albanian: Himarë) is developing into a political crisis centred on the person who want to replace Fredi Beleri and the attempt by the government of Edi Rama to plant a mayor of his liking.

On Saturday, it was known that the mayor of Heimara, Gjergji Goro, who had been defeated in the elections by the ethnic Greek Beleri, had submitted his resignation. According to the Albanian media, Goro effectively withdrew his resignation.

In the interim, Edi Rama had attempted to install a third person in the place of the legally elected Belleris and out of the winning combination.

Three persons from the diaspora have approached Rama, SKAI reported. One was a former MP from Argyrokastro (Αργυρόκαστρο, Albanian: Gjirokastër), another a businessman from Heimara and the third a well-known journalist-presenter in Albania who is from Heimara.

However, all three have yet to take up the post - even temporarily.

In the same context, Beleri sent a message from prison that Rama should not appoint his mayor in Heimarra.

"Whoever takes over as interim mayor until my release and inauguration must be one of the councillors who come from the municipal faction with which we won the May municipal elections," he said.

This was followed by the statement of the resigned Goro, who retracted his initial resignation, possibly due to the refusal of the people Rama approached.

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