Ex-Mayor Bakoyannis Defends Legacy, Pledges Constructive Opposition in Athens

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Outgoing Athens Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis has defended his track record in local government, emphasizing his dedication to serving the best interests of the Greek capital in his new role as the head of the municipal opposition.

Bakoyannis, who was elected mayor in 2019, has been succeeded by Haris Doukas, the victor in the October local elections. The two recently clashed over an amendment passed by the conservative government that limits City Hall’s authority regarding urban projects.

“I wish [Doukas] success for the benefit of the citizens and the city. The bar is now set high, as we promised to elevate it,” Bakoyannis said in a message issued on Wednesday, further noting, “The Athens of 2023 is a far cry from the one we inherited in 2019.”

“Today, Athens is advancing rapidly, presenting a multitude of opportunities. It has now formulated a comprehensive plan and acquired the necessary resources, means, and tools. We are optimistic that the new administration will effectively utilize these assets,” he said.

“Numerous projects await completion, and the path ahead is extensive for a city committed to enhancing rather than hindering the lives of its residents – a city that prioritizes security and emanates freedom and creativity for all,” he said.

In the same message, Bakoyannis underscored his commitment to “serve and honor” the people of Athens, vowing to exercise constructive opposition in the new Municipal Council. “I hand over the administration of the municipality; I do not abandon Athens,” he said.

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