Talks with Baloch protestors hit stalemate


Talks between the government delegation and Baloch protestors hit a stalemate on Sunday as the latter claimed that authorities had not yet released all individuals participating in the protest highlighting the issue of Baloch missing persons.

An official statement issued Sunday night, however, stated that the Islamabad Capital Police had released over 250 individuals in the last three days, following directives from a committee formed by Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar.

The police spokesperson emphasized that the committee's directives were being followed, stating, “The majority of the 163 individuals undergoing judicial processes have been reunited with their loved ones and relatives.”While urging the public to disregard unverified information, propaganda, or rumors, the spokesperson stressed adherence to lawful activities, reminding everyone that the law applies equally to all. Any suspicious activity should be reported through the Pucar-15 or ICT 15 mobile app, it said.Meanwhile, participants of the Balochistan Yakjehti Committee (BYC) march continued their protest outside Islamabad’s National Press Club. Protesters noted that despite issuing a three-day ultimatum to the government for the release of those arrested during the march, discussions showed no progress.TLP chief Saad Hussian Rizvi also met with the protestors on Sunday, expressing solidarity. Rizvi highlighted that his party had faced crackdowns and could empathize with the protestors' situation. He strongly condemned enforced disappearances, advocating for presenting the accused in a court of law.

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