Appeals Council of Thessaloniki to decide on Kurdish man's extradition to Turkey

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A Turkish citizen wanted by Ankara for a series of alleged crimes linked with drug dealing and terrorism was led before a Thessaloniki prosecutor on Wednesday, following his arrest a few days ago in the northern Greek city.

The Appeals Council of Thessaloniki will decide on his extradition to Turkey in the following days.

The 50-year-old suspect is wanted in his home country on charges of dealing in heroin (over 200kg), as well as actions linked with domestic terrorism, crimes allegedly committed in the period 2004-2006.

According to the same documents, he has been convicted and sentenced to many years of imprisonment.

Appearing before a Thessaloniki prosecutor, the suspect said that he had received asylum from Greece and denied all the charges against him, which he attributed to political persecution.

According to sources, he has declared himself a "supporter" and "funder" of the Kurd-friendly party HDP. He also said that his wife and his niece hold political offices in the town of Van, which Kurds mainly inhabit - the first as president of the municipal council and the second as mayor.

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