When and where will the Greek motorcycle show be held in 2024?


The Motorcycle Importers Association of Greece has announced the date and location of the 2024 Motorcycle Exhibition.

Having continuously been on the rise for the last three years, the motorcycle market has reached one of the best levels in our country. And an industry report will no doubt help even more!

The need for faster, more economical and practical movement combined with the explosion of new models and technologies from the manufacturers fascinated the drivers who turned to the two wheels.

This rise in interest in the motorcycle essentially forced the Greek Motorcycle Importers Association (SEME) to look for the possibility of creating a new exhibition worthy of the expectations of modern riders.

SEME, therefore, announced that in 2024, the Motorcycle Exhibition will be moved to the premium area of ​​the Metropolitan Expo and will take place on April 10-14, 2024.

The public will have the unique opportunity to get to know all the new motorcycle and scooter models up close and learn about safety and clothing equipment, tires, spare parts, maintenance, and all the new services of the industry.

Motorcycle lovers can take a test ride on unique models of two-wheelers while several events and happenings will be presented. The exhibition will officially open to the public on Wednesday, 10 April and remain open until Sunday, 14 April.

As News Auto noted, we are also waiting for the announcement about when the corresponding car exhibition will be held in 2024...

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