New Year 2024 in Athens: Greeks outraged as Pakistani men and Palestinian flags take centre stage

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Greeks on social media were outraged as migrant men, Palestinian flags, and Arabic and Punjabi music took centre at a free music concert in Athens.

Greek social media users made their anger heard after concert-goers waved Palestinian flags and Punjabi music was performed to appease the large Pakistani male crowd in Syntagma Square to welcome the new year, a spectacle that was broadcast on television.

As the platform Police Voice noted, "It is certain that thousands of Athenians would like to attend the event but they did not dare to step foot," adding that Syntagma had "once again been occupied by male foreigners, making the movement of women 'forbidden'."

One social media user wrote: "The audience instead of Greeks is full of Muslim immigrants making their own propaganda show in favor of Hamas & Palestine..."

"Other countries invest for security, Greece wants to strengthen the economy at the expense of national and social security. Happy 2024 and good minds!" Penny wrote.

In fact, a Turkish tourist even complained that Syntagma and Monastiraki Squares were "refugee dumps" and was "saddened" by this. “My beloved city is in ruins,” said the Turk, and urged Greek authorities “to find a solution.” “Greece is the beginning of civilization.”

Another social media user wrote, "Happy New Year from Athensabad!"

"Happy New Year from the capital of Pakistan, Athens," one social media user said sarcastically.

One social media user compared 1998 to 2024.

Another user criticised Greece's Eurovision representative Marina Satti for singing an Arabic song "to celebrate Muslims."


It is recalled that Greeks were shocked on New Year 2022 after footage emerged of hundreds of Pakistanis, seemingly in an organised manner, converged on Syntagma Square when others were forced to limit their Christmas celebrations due to COVID-19.

Syntagma Square

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