Greek Equestrian Blazes a Trail: Iolis Mytilineou Gallops to Paris 2024!

Olympic equestrian ioli

In a triumphant leap for Greek equestrian sport, 25-year-old show jumper Ioli Mytilineou has claimed her path to the Paris Olympics! Securing one of only two coveted spots from the third group for the individual hurdles competition, she rewrites history, bringing Greece back to the Olympic equestrian arena after a two-decade absence.

Mytilineou's Olympic qualification, confirmed on the final day of the December 31st Olympic ranking list, was the culmination of relentless pursuit. Her dedication earned her a ticket to Paris and continued a cherished family tradition, echoing the footsteps of her mother, Hanna Mytilineou, who represented Greece in show jumping at the Athens 2004 Games. This marks the sport's triumphant return to the Greek Olympic stage.

Ioli's feat is a rare jewel in Greek equestrian history. Only Heidi Antictedis, who qualified for the Sydney 2000 Olympics, stands before her in this elite company. Ioli's achievement is more than personal glory; it shines as a beacon of hope for aspiring athletes across the nation, proving that dreams can indeed gallop onto the Olympic stage.


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