Kayla Itsines Trades Adelaide Sunshine for Queensland Shores

Jae Woodroffe And Kayla In QLD

Greek Australian Fitness maven Kayla Itsines, with her millions and a new marriage, has swapped Adelaide's charm for Queensland's warmth. Speculation simmered for weeks, finally confirmed by Itsines herself on Instagram: "We've officially moved to Queensland."

But this isn't a solo act. Husband, kids, and seemingly the entire Adelaide crew are along for the sun-soaked ride. "Both our families," Itsines revealed, "we brought the whole Adelaide crew with us!"

Their Adelaide roots run deep, however. Just last month, Itsines said "I do" in her Adelaide backyard. And frequent visits are guaranteed: "I have to fly back every couple of weeks... especially my grandparents who don't want me to move," she laughed, "not because they love me too much, but because of 'too many mosquitoes'!"

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Kayla Itsines Trades Adelaide Sunshine for Queensland Shores 1

Is this a permanent change? Maybe not. "We're just renting here to see if we like it," Itsines replied to a fan's question. "Our house in Adelaide is still there," she assured.

This follows a trend of South Australian entrepreneurs venturing north. Aaron Hickmann, VAILO CEO, and property developer Con Makris both cited opportunities in Queensland's sunnier climes.

For Itsines, the Instagram clues were plentiful. A recent sauna video, speculated to be from her new Queensland home, was a gift from Gold Coast-based Kiva Wellness. And "2024 - me every morning" captioned the steamy scene – a not-so-subtle hint at a new, sun-kissed routine.

So, while Adelaide bids farewell to its fitness queen, it seems the door remains open for future visits. And who knows, maybe the "renting" phase will become a permanent love affair with Queensland's golden shores.

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