Triumph at Klisura Pass: Greek Forces Prevail Against Italian Opposition (January 6-11, 1941)

World War II Triumph at Klisura Pass

During the intense Battle of Klisura Pass from January 6 to 11, 1941, the Greek forces, composed of the 1st, 11th, and 7th "Cretan" Infantry Divisions, demonstrated exceptional military prowess.

Their successful capture of the pass marked a significant achievement against the formidable Italian opposition, primarily the 3rd Alpine "Julia" Infantry Division. The Greek advancement was further supported by the strategic collaboration with the 7th "Lupi di Toscana" and 131st Armored "Centauro" Divisions.

The engagement resulted in a substantial toll on the Italian forces, with approximately 300 soldiers losing their lives in the heat of battle, and an additional 350 being taken captive by the determined Greek units. The Battle of Klisura Pass stands as a testament to the bravery and strategic acumen of the Greek military during this critical period of World War II.

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