Failed Albanian Asylum Seeker Jailed for Attempting to Obtain Fake Greek Identity Documents in the UK

Failed Albanian asylum seeker Julian Cela jailed at Durham Crown Court for attempting to obtain fake Greek passports and identity documents (Image: Durham Constabulary)

A failed Albanian asylum seeker, Julian Cela, attempted to secure fake Greek identity documents for illicit employment in the UK. Arriving in November 2021, Cela lodged an asylum application but absconded from his assigned address during the assessment, leading to the withdrawal of his application.

Border Force intercepted a mail package from Athens, addressed to "Niko Vasili" at a County Durham location. The package contained a Greek driving licence and passport in the name of Niko Vasili, along with another passport with a different Greek name. Cela, living at the address, was arrested upon the package's arrival, revealing his true identity.

He later pleaded guilty to possessing false identity documents with the intent to establish false personal information about himself. Cela's motive was to secure employment, given the challenges posed by his immigration status. The court observed his deliberate decision to seek false Greek documents while being aware of his illegal stay in the UK.

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