Marking One Year: A Private Remembrance for King Constantine II

One Year On: Private Ceremony Remembers King Constantine II in Greece

TATOI, GREECE (Jan. 10, 2024) - On a sombre anniversary, the Greek royal family gathered today for a private memorial service to honour the memory of King Constantine II, one year after his passing. Held within the serene confines of the Temple of the Resurrection at Tatoi Royal Cemetery, the ceremony offered a space for intimate reflection and celebration of the former monarch's life.

Shielded from public view, the family sought solace and remembrance in this cherished setting. No press representatives were present, allowing for a deeply personal and unburdened tribute to Constantine II. Following the service, the family united for a private luncheon, fostering connection and finding strength in their shared grief.

King Constantine II, who reigned from 1964 to 1967, remains controversial in Greek history. Though his reign was short-lived due to a military coup, his life was marked by both privilege and challenges. Today's private ceremony offered a glimpse into the personal side of the former king, a way for family and loved ones to remember him beyond the public narrative.

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