Greek oil tanker owner begs for US help after Iran seizes ship in retaliation for US action.

St Nikolas oil tanker operator says it lost contact off Oman

Empire Navigation, whose tanker was snatched by Iran, pleaded with the US for assistance in getting it back. This move escalates tensions between the US and Iran, who've clashed over oil sanctions and Iran's nuclear program for years.

The US confiscated the tanker, then named Suez Rajan, while it carried Iranian oil. After months, the US released the tanker, now called St Nikolas, which Empire continued to operate.

18 Filipinos and 1 Greek citizen were held hostage after the regime in Iran hijacked the Greek-operated oil tanker MV St Nikolas near Oman and the Hormuz Strait. The vessel was turned around by five masked men and put on a course toward the Iranian port of Bandar-e-Jask.

Iran grabbed the St Nikolas on Thursday, loaded with Iraqi oil bound for Turkey, as payback for the US seizure. This ignited concerns of rising regional tensions.

A photo published in Iran from the moment the Iranian navy took over the tanker St. Nikolas today in the Gulf of Oman.

Empire's lawyer, in a US court filing, urged the US to help secure the crew's safe return, "their top priority."

The US government and the Department of Justice haven't commented yet.

The Pentagon condemned the seizure and called it an unlawful act by Iranian forces. The White House also denounced the action, demanding Iran release the tanker immediately

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