ATHENS: Bookstore for the homeless was robbed – 8,000 books and items stolen

bookstore books

Thousands of books were stolen from the bookstore of the homeless on Piraeus Street in the centre of Athens. One of its three founders discovered the theft this morning when he arrived at the bookstore.

According to ERT, it is estimated that approximately 8,000 books, most of which were donations during the holidays from private individuals and publishing houses to support people experiencing homelessness.

"They took it - if you ask me honestly, I would give it to them with all my heart, but they come in and take it. We don't have money or anything; we live four people with great difficulty (…) I'm not sad that they took the books because books will come to us again - the world loves us, has embraced us..." emphasised the Founder of the bookstore for the homeless, Leonidas Koursoumis.

As he says, for five years, efforts have been made to relocate to another permanent place in Gyzi so that all these books can be opened and accessible to the public. However, the project has yet to be achieved, mainly due to financial difficulties.

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