Haris Alexiou: Legendary Greek Singer Featured on Spotify's Equal Global Playlist

Haris Alexiou

Renowned Greek singer Haris Alexiou, aged 73, has been included in Spotify's Equal Global playlist, which showcases songs from 35 artists representing 50 countries.

This initiative, introduced by Spotify in 2020, strives to address the gender disparity in the music industry by providing women artists, composers, and producers with the recognition and prominence they rightfully deserve.

In recognition of her exceptional talent, Spotify has appointed Alexiou as the ambassador for this cause during the first quarter of the year. Her photograph graces the cover of Equal Greece, symbolizing her representation within the campaign. One of her captivating songs, "Fyge," from her latest album "Reworks," has been selected and featured on the playlist alongside numerous other talented artists.

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