Aussie Ace Kokkinakis Serves Up Singles Wins and Social Media Sizzle (with a Side of Love Triangles?)

Kokkinakis Washboard ABS

Thanasi Kokkinakis isn't just serving aces on the Melbourne courts - he's spicing up the off-court scene with a social media stunner that sent fans buzzing about more than just his game. Forget your average post-practice selfie; Kokkinakis unleashed an Instagram bomb showcasing his washboard abs, leaving jaws on the floor and tongues wagging.

But amidst the drool-worthy visuals and cheeky "Lesssgoo" caption, a subtler narrative unfolded. The gallery offered glimpses of his energetic life: strategizing with his fiery mate Nick Kyrgios, soaking up the sun (and maybe some new admirers?) in his motherland, Greece, dominating serves on the court, and chilling post-match like the champion he is. But the real kicker? Two stunning Melbourne beauties, Mary Vitinaros and a mystery brunette, playfully featured in the background. Could this be a hint at Kokkinakis's new off-court game?

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While his tennis focus is laser-sharp, rumours of the 27-year-old Aussie enjoying the single life have swelled. His recent appearance on the celebrity dating app Raya and cozying up with Aussie Greek MaryVitinaros only fueled the speculation. The mystery brunette's presence has thrown another juicy curveball into the mix. Has Kokkinakis moved on from the fashionista world (remember Hannah Dal Sasso of Australian Grand Prix fame?), or is this just a friendly post-match hangout?

One thing's for sure: Kokkinakis is playing the social media game as skillfully as he's navigating the singles rankings. He's not just climbing the charts – he's stirring the gossip pot and keeping fans on the edge of their seats. Whether he finds a new double partner on the court or a new love interest to lighten up his feed, one thing's for sure: this talented Aussie is living his best life, one perfectly timed post and potential love triangle at a time. He's the king of singles on and off the court, and his reign is just heating up.

Let's see how he plays out today at the Australian Open at 4:00 pm vs. Sebastian Ofner in his first round.

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