KOLONAKI: Smash 'n Bun celebrates its 3rd birthday with delicious burgers from top chefs

Smash 'n Bun

Smash 'n Bun is turning three and celebrating in the most delicious way! Three top chefs of Greek gastronomy, Adam Kodovas, Etrusco Botrini and Vasilis Mouratidis, create unique flavors for the three years "Smash`n Bun" has been operating!

The ultimate haunt of the tastiest street food celebrates its third birthday in a special way as, for three months, visitors will be able to taste burgers designed by the three top chefs!

The beloved Smash`n Bun, signed by Michalis Nourloglou, made its appearance in the heart of Kolonaki in March 2021. From the very first moment, it stood out for the quality of its products since the best raw materials, freshness and unique recipes, which turned street food into the ultimate culinary proposition of the city.

This year, Smash`n Bun completes three years, and to thank the public of the capital that embraced it from its very first steps, it decided to organise a three-month event with three distinguished chefs, Adam Kodovas, Etrusco Botrini and Vasilis Mouratidis.

Smash 'n Bun

Adam Kodovas's burger premiered on January 15th; a month later, Etrusco Botrini's burger will follow, Vasilis Mouratids will conclude the celebration in March.

The burger by Kodovas will consist of beef and lamb mince with cheese, cheddar, tomato, French salad, crispy onion and kimchi, combining Greek, European and Asian flavours, in which the chef has a particular love for.

Smash 'n Bun

In February, Etrusco Botrini will take the baton with a minced beef burger that, reminiscent of the Corfu pastitsada, to pay tribute to his place of origin.

The celebration will be closed in March by Vasilis Mouratidis with the caprese burger, which will consist of a beef patty, pesto, tomato, fried mozzarella, arugula and sun-dried tomato mayonnaise.

Smash 'n Bun

In 2024 will certainly give special tasting moments to lovers of quality burgers. You can try the chefs' suggestions in the store and, of course, from the Wolt platform at your place.

Smash`n Bun, 48 Patriarchou Ioakeim, Athens, 210 7249 802

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