Incredible! Athens to Lefkada in 3 hours by car - Watch the video

Athens to Lefkada

One of the most iconic projects completed - Athens to Lefkada. The day of delivery to the market has even been set...

The Amvrakia Road is nearing completion, with the Aktio-Amvrakia section expected to be fully operational on January 31, 2024, when it will be handed over to traffic.

This road marks the first vertical axis of connection with the Ionian Sea and promises to change the transport landscape in the region.

The highway is 48.5 kilometres long and has the features of a modern closed road, with two lanes of traffic in each direction and uneven interchanges.

The initial 14 km section of the road from Aktio to Vonitsa has been operating since 2019, and more recently, in the summer of 2022, the 17 km Amfilochia Bypass was added to the existing route, reducing traffic pressure in the city.

Lefkada, in particular, expects excellent benefits, as the travel time from Athens will be reduced to around 3 hours and 20 minutes, making access to Aktio, Preveza and Igoumenitsa easier. This important project was financed through the NSRF.

Watch an impressive video:

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