Parnassos Ski Centre: Discounts for children on January 21

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The Public Real Estate Company and the Parnassos Ski Centre are offering special prices to the little skiers in the context of World Snow Day - January 21.

The Parnassos Ski Centre, actively supporting World Snow Day 2024, provides Sunday, January 21 a discount.

The discount is for the following ticket categories:

-For all children up to 5 years old, a ski pass will be valid for 3 euros

- For all children from 6 to 14 years old, an 8 euro ski pass will be valid

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World Snow Day is an institution of the World Ski Federation with a global reach that started in 2007 to introduce the world to winter sports and the active mountain lifestyle and encourage children and young people to love the mountain and the snow.

The Parnassos Ski Centre has 17 lifts, 13 main modern ones and four beginners (baby lifts), with a wide variety for skiing and non-skiing use. The main lifts include six aerial decouplers (2 8-seater cabins, 3 Combi type with 8-seater cabin/six-seater combination and one four-seater chair), one fixed aerial (two-seater chair) and six sliding.

It is the first Ski Centre in the country to install a detachable aerial lift and one of the only ones in the world to have, since 2015, five new state-of-the-art detachable gondola and Combi lifts to simultaneously serve ski slopes and pedestrians at high speeds and above all safely.

With this arrangement of lifts, the Ski Centre offers access using cabins from both sides of the Parnassos massif (Kellaria and Fterolaka locations), through which each visitor gains access to the other lifts and can enjoy skiing or a panoramic ride moving from one area to another.

The aerial connection between the two ski areas is made through the connecting line of the "Hermi - Iniochos" Combi lifts, whose existence is decisive for skiing in western Kellari with the northern slopes of Fterolaka.

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The "Aphrodite - Bacchus" lifts are a typical example of the latest generation of technically advanced lifts, which can operate either independently or in conjunction, giving the ski resort the possibility of direct access from the base to the "Kellaria 1750" location to the top of "Bacchus 2250", without an intermediate stand.

Besides, the Parnassos Ski Centre cooperates with schools and independent instructors who meet the necessary formal qualifications and possess the appropriate certificates for visitors' proper service and safety.

They offer lessons to beginners or those who wish to improve their knowledge of skiing or snowboarding and are aimed at all ages, from the youngest to the oldest. Official ski school staff and individual instructors are recognised by visitors and skiers by the special badge they wear on their jackets.

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