AADE: Nationwide strike of workers on January 24


The Panhellenic Federation of Employees in the Public Financial Services will strike following a decision taken by the General Council of the WTO-DOUm, which announced a 24-hour Panhellenic Strike for Wednesday, January 24, 2024.

The relevant announcement states: "All the workers in the services of AADE and the Ministry of National Economy and Finance are fighting every day, under adverse conditions, to keep our services operating. Minimal staff, outdated logistical infrastructure, constant experimentation on the backs of employees and citizens on the part of the Administration and a protracted 'reorganisation of services' that creates, rather than solves, problems. Situations that undermine the work of the services and cause citizens to suffer every day.

"The almost daily overtime, to answer the tens of thousands of "requests" or not to delay tax cases and the unpaid work at home in the afternoons and weekends, in a period of uncontrollable punctuality, cannot and will not be allowed to become a new… normality.

"Just as we will not allow the marginal situation in which our services have fallen, under the responsibility of the political leaders, to be a pretext for the involvement of Private individuals.

"On January 24th, we will send a first clear message to the Government and the leadership of AADE. A message of decisive assertion of humane working conditions, defence of the Public nature of our services and demand to increase incomes in the face of unprecedented accuracy.

"On January 24, 2024, the employees of AADE, SDOE, Real Estate Services and Central Services are on strike, demanding:

• Humane Working Conditions.
• Recruitment of Staff.
• To end our services' downsizing (in the name of 'reorganisation').
• Digitisation of our Services.
• Substantial Salary Increases.
• Restoration of the 13th and 14th Salary."

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