Staikouras: Athens-Lefkada travel shortened to 3 hrs 20 mins by Aktio-Amvrakia road

Aktio-Amvrakia road

Large road projects like the one between Aktio and Amvrakia region that will open to traffic on January 31, is changing the road map of Western Greece, which will acquire a strong development impetus, Infrastructure & Transport Minister Christos Staikouras told AMNA.

The Aktio-Amvrakia axial road, part of the Greek Intereuropean Network A52, links Ionia Odos (from the Amvrakia Junction) with the Aktio airport, the underwater tunnel of Aktio and the port of Igoumenitsa (through the Preveza-Igoumenitsa road) and the Lefkada junction, bypassing the city of Amfilochia.

As Staikouras noted, "Once the project is turned over, it will cut 45 minutes of the travel time from Athens to Lefkada, and as a result, drivers will be able to make it to the island in 3 hours and 20 minutes."

"In 2025, the new Patras-Pyrgos axial road will be completed. We are speeding up and implementing in time all large projects in Greece with effectiveness, a plan, and hard work," he told AMNA.

The new road to be inaugurated on January 31 is expected to affect a large geographic region that includes the prefectures of Epirus and Etoloakarania along with Lefkada island, while it will also expand the range of the Igoumenitsa port, Greece's gateway port to the west, in the entire region.

It is also expected to reduce serious accidents, especially because it will bypass urban city centers that the current Rural Road uses.

Road features

The Aktio-Amvrakia road is 49.5 km in legth and includes two lanes per direction, with each lane measuring 3.5 m wide. The directions are separated by a traffic island with guard rails.

The entire project includes two bridges over valleys of nearly 200 m each, three smaller ones over creeks, and 9 flyovers.

The road section that links the end of Aktio-Amvrakia road with Ionia Odos, nearly 500 m long, has also been constructed by concessionaire Mytilineos SA.

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