YouTuber Emeka reacts to MASSIVE pita gyros in Heraklion: "It's huge!" (VIDEO)

Emeka YouTuber

The well-known YouTuber Emeka, who has visited the stadiums of many teams in Greece and showed a love for "OPAP Arena" and AEK, travelled to Crete.

Specifically, after the stadiums, he decided to start visiting food shops, and of course, he couldn't wait to try the well-known pita gyros.

It is known that the pita gyros in Heraklion are huge, which is only the case in some of the island's cities.

He was impressed by the size and liked the yogurt usually included in the pita gyros in Heraklion.

"It's huge," he kept saying in a video he posted on TikTok.


The BIGGEST Gyros Ever in CRETE! 🇬🇷 #crete #heraklion #greekfood #greekstreetfood #greekgyros

♬ original sound - Emeka Iwueze - Emeka Iwueze

Treats in Crete

However, in another video, he also seems impressed that in Crete (which applies to the whole island), in whatever restaurant one eats, there will be a treat with some dessert at the end.


TTHIS Happens at EVERY Greek Restaurant 🇬🇷 #crete #heraklion #greecetiktok #greece #greekfood

♬ original sound - Emeka Iwueze - Emeka Iwueze

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