Climate Crisis Minister Kikilias attends handover ceremony to Fire Service's new leadership

Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Minister Vasilis Kikilias

A ceremony for the handover of the Hellenic Fire Service to its new leadership was held on Friday at the Hellenic Fire Academy, in the presence of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Minister Vasilis Kikilias.

The minister referred to the strengthening of the fire service and the legacy of the ongoing Aigis Programme, noting that this was progressing at a rapid pace. Addressing the new team of officers forming the new leadership, he said they will have the great responsibility of incorporating the new technologies and equipment being purchased, using for correct forecasting, prevention and management in relation to human lives.

"For the Fire Service and for Civil Protection, nothing less than the best is conceivable," he said, while thanking the outgoing chief and officers for their cooperation and services.

Kikilias said that the fire service units will be "fully, 100%, reinforced", alongside volunteerism, and spoke about the new law restructuring civil protection to emphasise prevention, coordination and operational cooperation of all bodies involved.
He also noted the introduction of artificial intelligence as a tool to assist their work, with five new projects involving high technology and communications included in the AIGIS programme plans.

"Talking to the officers, both current and former, it is an absolute necessity for the fire service to acquire modern and upgraded wireless communication systems. For all this, prevention is the key for managing natural disasters," Kikilias stressed.

"As arranged by the prime minister and the Government Council on National Security, and with his approval, the AIGIS procedures for the supply of new aircraft, new helicopters, new fire engines and drones for the Fire Service are progressing rapidly, so that it has adequate and cutting-edge technological means in the air and on the ground," the minister concluded.

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