Penn's Science Soars to New Heights with Record $83.9 Million Vagelos Gift

The gift from Roy and Diana Vagelos will fund scientific initiatives in Penn’s School of Arts & Sciences. (Image: David DeBalko)

Penn Arts & Sciences just hit the scientific jackpot! Alumnus Roy Vagelos and his wife, Diana, have unleashed a transformative $83.9 million gift, the largest ever bestowed upon the School and one of the biggest in Penn history. This incredible investment in innovation and basic science propels Penn's science research and education to dizzying new heights.

Fueling Future Scientists and Breakthroughs:

  • $50 million turbocharges graduate education in Chemistry, launching 20 prestigious Vagelos Fellowships to attract and nurture the brightest minds.
  • The Vagelos Institute for Energy Science and Technology, Penn's crown jewel in energy research, gets a permanent endowment, cementing its national leadership.
  • An endowed chair in Chemistry and student awards honour the leaders of three undergraduate programs bearing the Vagelos name, fostering interdisciplinary excellence.

"Roy and Diana's vision has been expanding Penn's scientific horizons for decades," said Penn Interim President J. Larry Jameson. "They're pioneers, investors, and true believers in the power of science to transform lives. This gift fuels our audacious dreams, from lab breakthroughs to inspiring classrooms."

Dean Steven J. Fluharty echoed the excitement: "With gifted students and world-class faculty, Penn is a breeding ground for scientific titans. This monumental gift amplifies our impact, attracting exceptional talent and propelling us to the forefront of scientific discovery."

The Vageloses' commitment goes beyond this staggering gift. Their longstanding support includes the Vagelos Laboratory for Energy Science and Technology, undergraduate science programs, and scholarships. Their impact is woven into the very fabric of Penn's scientific landscape.

"We believe in the power of basic science to solve global challenges," shared Roy Vagelos. "From curing diseases to tackling climate change, investing in students and faculty is key. With its brilliant minds and interdisciplinary approach, Penn is uniquely positioned to inspire the scientists of tomorrow and change the world for the better."

This historic gift is a testament to the transformative power of philanthropy and the boundless potential of scientific exploration. Penn's future in science just got a lot brighter, thanks to the visionary generosity of Roy and Diana Vagelos.

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