Greek YouTuber helps police arrest man who traveled from Patras to Piraeus to meet underage girl

Alexandros Kopsialis

How they set up the operation - The man thought he was talking to a young girl but ended up talking to her father - They set a meeting at an apartment, but there they were, waiting for him with the police

The operation in which a 43-year-old man was arrested, who was trapped by the father of an underage girl he was trying to meet with was revealed by the YouTuber Alexandros Kopsialis.

Alexandros Kopsialis had a role in the operation, as he contacted the police to handle the case after first contacting the minor's father to set the trap for the 43-year-old from Patras.

In the video, Kopsialis describes how, with the help of the little girl's father and the police, the 43-year-old was trapped.

He states that the father informed him that a profile persisted in sending messages of obscene content to his little girl through Instagram. In one of the lewd videos, his face was clearly visible.

Watch the video:

"I was surprised and alarmed," he says, and the first thought was to react violently. "Then I composed myself, let's see how we will catch him."

The father explains how the 43-year-old wanted to ensure that the meeting with the girl would occur so that no one would see them.

Kopsialis and the father then coordinated with the police the entrapment. The meeting details were made at a specific time and in an apartment where the police were waiting, as well as Kopsialis with a camera.

The man actually arrived from Patras, as reported by the police, to Piraeus to meet the 13-year-old. The operation was organised so that once he entered the apartment, it was impossible for him to get out or escape. But everyone was anxious about how the man, who could even be armed, would react.

The man reached the apartment and was arrested, although he tried to escape. The police officers explained to him that the girl's father had filed a complaint, so the prescribed procedure had to be followed.

In the backpack with him were sex toys and women's underwear, topics of his conversations with the girl, as well as obscene videos and photos.

Kopsialis explains why they took this action at the end of the video: "To prevent abnormal persons from meeting with minors and to encourage children in similar cases to talk to someone older about how to handle the situation."

This is what the message at the end of the video says:

"The posting of this video aims to inform the public about the dangers that exist on social media platforms, created by the immediacy of messages. The purpose is to prevent similar lewd incidents in the future and to facilitate the disclosure of such incidents by minor victims."

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