Prime Minister Mitsotakis Discusses Armament of Greek F-35 and Weapon Systems in Interview

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During an interview on the radio station SKAI with journalist Pavlos Tsimas, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis responded to a question by raising the issue of the armament of the Greek F-35.

The absence of relevant ammunition from the US response has sparked several debates in Greece. Specifically, the Prime Minister mentioned the importance of both honor and weapons:

"That's why I'm telling you, a little patience until the final negotiations take place. The cost of the F-35 is increasing due to the overall increase in materials, while at the same time it is decreasing because more F-35s are being produced. Other countries have also bought the F-35. We need weapons systems, and we need to prioritize continuous support to prevent the weapons systems from being outdated. The new leadership of GEETHA's first priority is to ensure that our current systems are functioning properly before discussing new procurements. We have made significant progress with both our medium transport aircraft, the C-27 and the C-130.

Furthermore, I want to reiterate that the aircraft is as important as the weapon systems that accompany it. The success with the Rafale was not only due to acquiring the aircraft itself, but also obtaining the Meteor missiles that give us a real strategic advantage in terms of their overall range. A corresponding negotiation will take place for the F-35."

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