Armenian Community in Georgia Worries Over Fate of Historic Church Amidst Construction Controversy

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Tbilisi, Georgia - The once tallest church in Tbilisi, Shamkhoretsots Surb Astvatsatsin (Karmir Avetaran), finds itself at the heart of a heated controversy, as the Armenian community in Georgia expresses grave concern over its deteriorating condition. The construction of a high-rise hotel just 5 meters from the church in 2016 has ignited widespread alarm among locals.


What was initially greeted with community protests has now become a source of distress, as the hotel's construction inflicted significant damage upon the church's foundation and compromised its remarkable architectural value. The proximity of the hotel has raised questions regarding the preservation of this iconic religious and historical landmark.

To make matters worse, recent developments including the installation of a security booth and a parking lot have further escalated concerns about the church's integrity and the possibility of irreparable harm being done. The Armenian community fears that if immediate action is not taken, Shamkhoretsots Surb Astvatsatsin could be left in ruins.

In a plea to the Georgian government, the Armenian community implores authorities to prioritize the preservation of historical and cultural treasures. The church is not merely a place of worship for the Armenian community but also a symbol of shared heritage and identity.

"Shamkhoretsots Surb Astvatsatsin holds immense historical and cultural significance for our community. Its deterioration would represent a significant loss not only for us but also for the rich tapestry of Tbilisi's architectural heritage," expresses Aram Sarkisian, a prominent member of the Armenian community.

Efforts by the Armenian community to draw attention to the plight of the church have intensified. They have called for the Georgian government's urgent intervention to prevent any further damage and to ensure the long-term preservation of this revered site.

The controversy surrounding the church has sparked conversations about the need for increased regulations and sensitivity towards protecting cultural and historical monuments in Georgia. The incident serves as a reminder to balance development and progress with the preservation of precious heritage.

As the discussions continue, all eyes are on the Georgian government to take immediate steps to safeguard this important piece of history from potential destruction. Time is of the essence, and the Armenian community passionately awaits a resolution that will protect Shamkhoretsots Surb Astvatsatsin, allowing future generations to appreciate its beauty and significance for years to come.

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